If you ask any real estate agent what type of lead is their favorite they will tell you a referral. A referral is the most cost efficient lead with the greatest probability to close. But you cannot thrive on referrals until you have a solid enough client base to send you business. The most effective and economic way to generate new clients is to prospect using the telephone. The challenge

You can now add your personal photo to the “Business Card” message on your Mobile Marketing Service.  Once uploaded consumers will receive your image, immediately increasing your brand to potential clients. Instructions: Step 1: Click on the “My Mailbox” tab Step 2: Click on “Browse” and find the needed photo on your local drive Step 3: Enter in a photo description Step 4: Click “Upload File” Click here to view

New Feature Announcement for Powerline800 users: QR Codes are now automatically generated for your 800 extensions. Any extension that has either a picture or text loaded in the SMS/text field will automatically generate a QR Code. When scanned, the QR Code will display the SMS text and pictures on the users phone. If you are unfamiliar with QR Codes or how to use them in your real estate marketing, please

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