Cheri Chavez Discusses Her Keys to Success in Prospecting For New Real Estate Listings

Cheri Chavez is a highly successful and longtime ArchAgent customer based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In this conversation with Steve Cortez, Cheri shares why she is committed to prospecting to find new listings and some of her keys to success. Since first getting her license about 28 years ago, she has always been a prospector. Her use of Arch’s tools has made prospecting less cumbersome and provide her with the details she needs in a single click.

Cheri believes that prospecting success requires a good pre-prospecting routine, such as starting to prospect at the same time each day, role playing, and saying affirmations such as, “you’re my next qualified listing appointment.” Her use of Arch’s Predictive Analytics for prospecting neighborhoods is helping her get results quicker: instead of placing 100 calls to find a listing, she’s able to secure a lead in just 10 to 20 calls. Cheri is also finding more people who may not be ready to list today, but who may be a future prospect she can add to her center of influence.

When prospecting, Cheri follows a regular process that includes making about 10 contacts an hour, starting with Expired Listings. She then calls her centers of influence, followed by individuals likely to list, prioritizing any near a property she has just listed or just sold. When she is ready to begin prospecting, Arch provides all the information she needs to get started.