Powerline Call Capture

Automatically fulfill your property marketing information and capture new listing opportunities... before they become competitive

The Keller Center At The Baylor Business School Reports In Their Study, "Lead Generation: What Really Works?" That After A Referral, Call Capture Is The Most Productive Source For Real Estate Lead Generation.

Powerline call capture is your virtual brochure, it never needs restocking and it captures the lead every time, the moment it happens. Simple sign riders instruct buyers to receive property information by recorded message or text, and call capture steps in. Not having to call a live sales person to receive this information increases your market response significantly. Additionally many potential sellers drive neighborhoods searching for their next property to purchase, so you'll find potential listing opportunities before they become competitive.

Funneling your prospects through 800Powerline call capture ensures you capture every lead that your marketing reached. The call capture system notifies you immediately. The Keller study also reported that when an agent was asked to rank their allocation of effort and spending for lead sources as a percentage of their total effort and spending, their call capture system (after promotional items) was the second most economic and easiest to use.

800Powerline call capture is simple for you to implement and simple for your prospects to use because keeping it simple works.

instant notification and transfer of a live lead

Immediate notification of lead with phone number.  Each extension can be customized for a live transfer to you or any team member.

ad tracking

The ad source that the potential buyer/seller responded from is automatically captured so you know which ad sources are most responsive.

Mobile marketing

SMS/text messaging access includes property info, pictures and agent business card.

Web Portal Lead Manager

Each extension can be managed over our web-based portal for uploading of voice files, lead and ad tracking reports.

$49 per month. 

No, there are no fees for per minute usage or SMS messaging. 

Yes, PowerLine works on any phone provider or SMS platform.

No, all services are month-to-month, and there is never a setup fee.

The moment the caller calls your PowerLine, their phone number is captures using Automatic Number Identification (ANI) a real time billing record used in toll free services.  The system immediately sends you their number, the property ID and ad source.

Because the consumer initiated a call to your PowerLine to inquire about the property, you have an established business relationship (EBR) and a permissible exemption to call them provided it is within 90 days of the inquiry even if they are on the national DNC.  If they have asked to not be contacted by your organization and are on an internal DNC, then you must abide by that and no longer have an EBR  exemption. 

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