Do Not Call Compliance

Do Not Call (DNC)

Individuals who have registered their phone number on the DNC Registry are not to be contacted for solicitation purposes.  Agents must comply with the National DNC registry and their state DNC rules. 

ArchAgent will check the DNC status of every phone number provided to a subscriber.  If the phone number is on the state or federal DNC, ArchAgent will indicate as such. If ArchAgent  receives a complaint or report from a consumer to block their phone number, Arch will comply by permanently doing so.   

A brokerage should maintain a company specific DNC list.  If your calls are exempt and are allowed to persons on a DNC list, you must honor “company specific” “do-not-call” requests from consumers to not be contacted by your business again.  Any form of such a request is valid, thus you cannot require a consumer to submit a “do-not-call” request in writing, via email, etc.

Federal law requires you have a “do-not-call” policy available “upon demand”.  It is important to train your representatives in that policy, keep records of that training and compliance efforts.

Consult your attorney to implement proper compliance measures.

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