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ArchAgent’s predictive analytics focus primarily on sale event prediction through a likely-to-list score model. This model uses a simplified 7-grade scale, dynamically calculated per city agglomeration, and provides an exact score for sorting homes by their likelihood of selling in the next nine months.

Key indicators include:

  • Owner demographics
  • Property details
  • Financial values

Geographic information including length of residence, family age range, size, home square footage, year built, zip code, time since last sale, mortgage/refinance details, local inventory supply, and homeowner contact history, fastgrowing/declining population, destination, industrial, ex-urban sprawl, metropolitan, and others, with each zip code matched to an appropriate model.

Automated Valuation

ArchAgent’s predictive analytics include automated valuation modeling for home pricing. Our algorithms leverage local sales trends, pricing data, and mortgage/home equity information. The model provides estimated pricing and average valuations, and identifies outliers within the range of estimated home values.

Dialer Conversion

ArchAgent employs predictive analytics for likely-to-contact and likely-to-lead predictions, refining them through user feedback and regression analysis. Business rules, based on domain expertise, enhance the accuracy of these predictions by considering aggregate contact rates and user dispositions. Decay strategies factor in unsuccessful attempts for likely-to-contact and negative disposition outcomes for likely-to-lead.

ArchAgent integrates these models into recommendation and insight workflows. Recommendations provide tailored daily suggestions and calls-to-action to enhance sales opportunities and achieve user goals. Insight workflows track attempt, contact, and conversion metrics over time for individuals and across all real estate agents. They statistically compare individual performance and visually highlight exceptions where system and realtor performance deviate from defined thresholds.

Similar Homes / Explanations

ArchAgent also offers similarity analysis for finding comparable homes and spider charts to visualize a property’s key attributes influencing propensity scores relative to set thresholds.

Real Estate
Value Architects

ArchAgent provides the leading analytics platform in the industry based on over a decade of experience sourcing and managing leads and prospecting for real estate agents, agencies and brokerages, and as a premier distributor of data for other real estate services and platforms

ArchAgent competitive advantages stem from:

  • Model Maturity: ArchAgent released its initial models in 2018. Since then the models have been continually optimized and enhanced.
  • Real Estate Agent Feedback Loops: Real estate agents using ArchAgent data provide disposition feedback on contact, lead, and the likelihood of saleability to further improve model accuracy.
  • Domain Knowledge: All of ArchAgent’s founders and subject matter experts have decades of industry experience. Be assured you will be working with experts.

300% Lift

Our models allow real estate agents to target potential home sellers 3x more efficiently.

I’ve been telephone prospecting for eight years and I’ve tried every service on the market. I have found ArchAgent to be the most accurate. Arch filters out bad data so I can make more contacts. I use all the services and ArchAgent is my preferred provider for seller leads. Dan Mumm - 120+ transactions per year
Huntington and Ellis

74% Accuracy

Our models predict homes that will sell within nine months at accuracies exceeding 74%.

Today’s real estate market has you leveraging technology or surrendering to it.