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For Rent by Owners (FRBO) are an often over-looked, typically not very competitive but highly profitable source of new listings for agents. Eventually all landlords sell their investment properties, and their motivation is at its highest when the property is vacant and not producing income.

The FRBO lead service not only delivers you listings the moment they go on the rental market, you'll develop lasting relationships with local investors.

FRBO's Are An Essential Piece Of Your Complete Marketing Plan

We monitor every major For Rent By Owner website and deliver to you a list of property’s with accurate owner contact information the moment they are advertised “for rent”. We parse the listings into three filterable categories.

  • FRBO advertised by the owner
  • FRBO advertised by a leasing company
  • FRBO with a realtor associated

The listings are delivered throughout the day via our online web portal. Owner name, phone number, email and social media links are provided. If property is under management, we provide contact information for the management company.

All FRBO advertised by owner is pre-augmented and includes the contact information as part of your subscription.

FRBO advertised by leasing company or with realtor associated are augmented in real time (50 real time lookups included per month on susbscription, additional lookups available for a per lookup fee).

Subscription is $29 per month.


A list of all For Rent by Owner listings within a fifty-mile radius of your preferred working zip code is delivered throughout the day. Listings can be sorted by category, map, mileage proximity, price, zip code, county, or phone score.


Each listing contains the primary owner (not tennant) with an accurate landline, mobile phone number, e-mail, social media link, consumer and property information, and Do Not Call status.


Each listing is stored in an online web portal where the subscriber can perform customized searches. The web portal enables you to take notes, set reminders, perform callbacks, and view dispositions on each listing.


Seamlessly synchronize your leads into your PowerDialer with the click of a button. After the call is made, results, call notes, and reminders are synchronized back into your web portal list manager.


For subscribers using third-party natively synced CRMs, the listings can be automatically synced back using the web portal or PowerDialer. For non-native synced CRMs easy .CSV file exporting.

$29 per month.  All contact information for FRBO advertised by owner is included in the monthly fee.  An additional 50 lookups is included for FRBO advertised by leasing company or realtor associated.  Additional lookups are available. 

We search every major public online source where FRBO’s advertise. 

We update multiple times per day, throughout the day, seven days a week.

No, all services are month-to-month, and there is never a setup fee.

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles. You may change the home ZIP at any time provided the zip code you change to is in your coverage area. You may customize your delivery area by mileage, price, ZIP code, county, or proprietary map. You can also filter by property status and phone score.

Yes, we scrub all FSBOs against the National Do Not Call Registry.  Please see our DNC Policy Page for more information.

You can choose to send your daily list or a list by date range into the dialer by performing a search. Then, clicking a button in the portal pushes your leads into the dialer within minutes.

The reports are delivered in three formats: summary, full text, and .CSV. The “Summary” version provides essential listing details and is best-suited for printing. The “Full Text” version provides all available details including the advertisement. The “.CSV” version is designed for downloading and importing into contact managers.

"ArchAgent For Rent By Owner is easy to use and affordable. Most companies don’t provide accurate numbers. I’ve tried others, and I highly recommend ArchAgent. They provide you with landline, cell, e-mail addresses, social media information. I couldn’t do it without Arch as my lead provider and dialer."

Martin Verdi Optimar International Realty

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