Common FAQ's

Is there a contract or setup fee?

No, there is never a contract or setup fee.

May I cancel at anytime?

Yes, you may cancel at any time. For more information please see our Billing, Cancellation of Service and Refunds Policy page.

Do I need to provide a credit card for the 14 Free Days of Service?

Yes, you do need to create an account with a valid credit card. If you cancel all or any portion of the service within the 14 Days of Free service, you will not be charged for services you cancel.

Power Dialer FAQ's

Will the ArchAgent PowerDialer dial more than one number at a time or send an SMS?

No, the ArchAgent PowerDialer will not:

  • dial without human intervention
  • randomly store or sequentially dial
  • send a prerecorded or artificial recording to a cell phone
  • send an SMS
  • abandon recipients

For more information please see our TCPA policy page.

Will PowerDialer sync with my CRM?

PowerDialer syncs with the ArchAgent web portal that in turn syncs with many CRMs. Some of those syncs are native and others are accomplished by using Zapier. For a complete list of current CRMs ArchAgent syncs with please contact us.

Do I need any special equipment to use the PowerDialer?

No, all you need is a telephone and access to the internet. PowerDialer works with any browser, any PC, Mac or tablet. There is no software to download or hardware to purchase.

How do I get leads into the PowerDialer service?

Simply press a button and your Expired, FSBO, FRBO, Preforeclosure and Neighborhood leads are imported into the dialer. You can also load any 3rd party lead list that is in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

Expired Listings Leads

What is the delivery area, and is it customizable?

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles. You may edit the home zip at any time provided the new home ZIP is in your delivery area.  You may customize your delivery area by mileage, price, zip code, county, or proprietary map. You can also filter by property status and phone score.

What are your match rates?

Typically, we match a phone number to 80-90% of off-market listings. We score all phone numbers for accuracy and you may filter by score. Some geographic areas may match higher than others. Single family residences will match the highest while areas with international ownership and multi-unit residences may score lower.

How do I get “Expired”s into the PowerDialer service?

You can choose to send your daily list or a list by date range (going back to 30 days to 2 years depending upon your service term) into the PowerDialer by performing a search. Then, clicking a button in the portal pushes your leads into the PowerDialer within minutes.

How far back can I go for historical records?

Upon activation of service, you can go back up to 30 days.  After you’ve been a client for 3 months, you can go back up to 2 years.

FSBO Leads Services

Where do you find the FSBO leads provided?

We search every major public online source and many local online sources including: online newspapers, public websites, and various online classified sections where owners advertise.

How often is the data updated?

We update multiple times per day, every day, seven days a week, 364 days a year (no delivery December 25th). Leads are delivered within 24 hours of publishing.

How do I get FSBOs into the PowerDialer Service?

You can choose to send your daily list or perform a search by date range to create a list then push a button and your leads are available in the PowerDialer in a minute.

What formats are available for daily e-mails?

The reports are delivered in three formats: summary, full text, and .CSV. The “Summary” version provides essential listing details and is best-suited for printing. The “Full Text” version provides all available details including the advertisement. The “.CSV” version is designed for downloading and importing into contact managers.

Performance Filtered Neighborhood Data

How is the Performance Filtered Neighborhood data done?

We aggregate several databases such as tax assessor, property, consumer, and demographic information.  Then we allow the user to query the database depending upon what they desire most.

We review variables such as percent value ownership, property value, owner occupied, type of mortgage, credit worthiness, and years in residence.

The list is updated in real time and displays the count for you prior to download.

What is the delivery area, and is it customizable?

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles.

What are your match rates?

Typically, we match a phone number to 80+% of properties. 80% are scored green or 95% accurate. Areas with large multi-unit residences or international ownership may match lower.

How do I get Neighborhood Leads into the PowerDialer Service?

You may enter a single property address or perform a search using a radius or polygon drawing tool.  Performance filters enable you to select only the most desirable homes.  Once your search is completed the list is automatically imported into the PowerDialer.  Contact information is appended in real time so it is as fresh and accurate as possible.

For Rent By Owner Lead Service

Are these true For Rent By Owners?

The leads are separated into 3 list types:

  • For Rent By Owners
  • For Rent By Owners that have a property manager associated
  • For Rent By Owners that have a Real Estate agent associated

You have the ability to view the list by any or all categories.

What information is provided?

Each For Rent By Owner property comes with a picture, the advertisement, the advertisement source, owners cell, landline and email address.

For Rent By Owner with property manager or For Rent By Owner agent associated you are allotted 50 look-ups per month included in the subscription, additional look-ups are $0.25

Preforeclosure Leads

What type of Preforeclosure leads do you provide?

The list can be filtered by Lis Pendens, Notice of Default, Notice of Sale and Notice of Trustee Sale.  Different states may have different classifications and reporting.  Some require a legal proceeding while other states allow the mortgage company can send a notice.  In all cases, the property is delinquent.

What are your match rates?

Typically, we match a phone number to 80-90% of Preforeclosure Listings.  Some categories may match higher than others.

How do I get Preforeclosures into the PowerDialer service?

You select a date range then by simply clicking a button the portal pushes your leads into the dialer within a minute.

Powerline Call Capture

What do I need to manage my call capture system?

All you need is an ordinary telephone and an active internet connection. Recordings can be done using a telephone, uploading a .WAV file, or we can do the recordings for you.

How does Powerline capture the caller’s phone number?

Automatic Number Identifier (ANI) technology is used to capture the caller’s phone number. ANI capture is a real-time billing record that cannot be blocked and is always captured.

How many extensions and transfers do I get?

You have unlimited extensions and transfers. There is no additional charge for extensions, transfers, or per minute usage.

Will you do the recordings for me?

Yes. We will script, record, and publish pictures for a one-time fee of $10. Turnaround time is one business day.

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