With inventory still low across the country, finding new listing opportunities can be a challenge. Traditionally, agents have focused on five sources to find new listings: for sale by owners, expired listings, calling homes near a just-listed home, calling homes near a just- sold home, and relying on their center of influence. For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings have always been the lowest hanging fruit for prospecting because the

Professional real estate agents often intertwine the prospecting terms, “Circle Prospecting”, “Geographical Prospecting” and “Neighborhood Prospecting”. While they share similarities in outcome goals, they are significant differences in practice. First let’s define them: Circle prospecting refers to the practice of calling homeowners within a circular radius of a specific property, typically a just listed or a just sold home is the target center. Geographic prospecting is targeting everyone in a

See what real estate agents & other professionals have to say about the data accuracy of ArchAgent’s real estate leads – including expired listings, FSBO, FRBO, pre-foreclosure, likely to list leads, and more. Video Transcription “Honestly, I’ve used other systems in the past and to me your data is the most accurate. A lot of correct numbers, cell phone numbers. You make a lot of calls, and you are actually

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