Recently I had the pleasure to speak with a few seasoned real estate coaches who also sell real estate, Martin Verdi (Beverly Hills, CA), Ken Price (Atlanta, GA) , Julie Kaczor (Chicago, IL), Eddy Delgado (San Diego, CA), manager of one of the largest brokerages in the midwest, coach Tom Myers (Indianapolis, IN) and an up an coming superstar agent Rebekah Harding Gilbert (Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX). As I talked to

 For Accurate Contact Information You Must Augment In Real Time...After years of trying to solve the intricacies, and subtleties of working with big data, one thing is empirically clear: if you're going to provide accurate results your work flow must operate in real time. Hosted data, meaning data sources that can be sold in their entirety then hosted by a reseller simply have old data. They update quarterly at best,

Two separate agents compete in the same market. They both have the equal amount of time and equal access to like information. One is a top producing agent and the other struggles along. Why? The answer is in their Mindset.

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