Martin Zamora Talks About the Challenges He Faces in Today’s Real Estate Market & How He Overcomes These Obstacles

Martin Zamora, a top-producing agent in the Moreno Valley-Rancho Belago-greater Los Angeles area, talks about how he has overcome the current market challenges, particularly by increasing his neighborhood prospecting using the likely-to-list analytics and expired listings.

Martin discusses the challenges of mortgage rates, how he addresses the lack of inventory, and how he handles sellers seeking to over-price properties. Martin emphasizes his prequalification process and how he handles the needs of the seller to win listings.

Part 4 of this 4-part series of interviews focuses on “overcoming today’s real estate challenges.”

Listing Agents are the backbone of the real estate industry… even more so with the recent court rulings on buyer side commissions. Learn more about how highly successfully agents are improving their game using the Propensity to List neighborhood service. For a white paper on how the analytics work please call us at 800-882-9155.