5 Reasons You Should Attend The Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat

The Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat is July 16th-19th, 2024 at The Venetian Las Vegas. These Mega Producing Real Estate Agents Will Be There… Will You?

The real estate landscape continues to change. Are you changing with it?

In a few short weeks over 3,500 agents will participate in the 2024 Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Mike will share his decades of knowledge about finding new listing appointments, converting leads, finding more referral business and most importantly, how to create a sustainable repeatable business.

Here’s 5 Reasons You Must Attend the 2024 Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat

Training and Education

The retreat offers intensive training and education sessions led by the renowned real estate coach and trainer Mike Ferry.  Agents attend to learn new strategies, techniques, and best practices for improving their sales skills and growing their business.

“The number one reason I attend the Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat is to bolster my mindset, remind myself of the importance to master the fundamentals and to build my associations with agents who are producing at a higher level than me.”

Dan Mumm, 120+ units annually, Huntington and Ellis Real Estate Agency, Las Vegas, NV

Networking Opportunities

The retreat provides opportunities for agents to network with other industry professionals. This networking can lead to referrals, partnerships, and valuable connections within the real estate community.

“You grow! Even though it may be a lot of the same material I’ve studied before, as I grow and develop the material hits me differently and I absorb more each time I attend a retreat. Then, the cherry on the top is being surrounded by other like-minded individuals that instead of wanting to make excuses for their business they are learning how to better themselves and their business.”

 – Natasha Johns, 160+ units annually, Carpenter Realtors, Indianapolis, IN

Motivation and Inspiration

Mike Ferry’s retreats are known for their high-energy atmosphere. Attending agents often leave feeling inspired and motivated to take their business to the next level.

“The question you should ask yourself is “why wouldn’t you want to go?” I find it very important to speak to other agents to talk about personal and business struggles, how they overcome them, how they are handling their specific market conditions. It’s great to see what others are doing. I need their perspectives. I also go to put a smile on my face and see my second family. MFO is very dear and close to me.”

David Ernst, 100+ units annually, Keller Williams Realty, New Orleans, LA


The retreat typically includes accountability sessions where agents can set goals and receive feedback on their progress. Accountability helps agents stay focused and disciplined in implementing the strategies they learn during the retreat.

“The market is shifting and nobody on the planet understands the market better than Mike Ferry. I need, I must, I have to come, listen and learn…”

Cheri Chavez, Best In Dallas 2023 with over 2,000 units sold, Coldwell Banker Apex Realtors, Dallas, TX

Access to Resources

Attendees gain access to exclusive resources, tools, and materials to help them excel in their real estate careers.

“You should attend the Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat to connect with other SuperStars. Learn how to work in today’s RE market and all its changes. Mike will be addressing the new Buyer’s Commission Agreement, learn how to tackle this “CORRECTLY” from the get-go versus watered down versions from other companies. Finally to have some FUN in Las Vegas, Mike Ferry has worked out great rates at the Venetian”

Dinorah Carmenate, MFO coach, Properties by Dinorah, Costa Mesa, CA

Mike is the G.O.A.T. There’s no argument there. He invented real estate coaching and everyone after him – most of whom learned under him – should thank Mike for the opportunities he created. Although we are a preferred vendor and don’t personally sell real estate, we never leave the room because at every retreat we learn principles we can apply to our business. Personally, I am always learning from Mike – even when I lose to him at golf.