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Turn “For Sale By Owner” into “For Sale By You”

It is estimated only 11% of For Sale By Owners (FSBO) successfully sell their home, the rest likley list with a full-service agent. With our FSBO Lead Service, you can be that agent. Equipped with crucial contact information, you will be first in line to contact homeowners on local FSBO leads as soon as they hit the market.

We mine public websites every day, verify the owner of the property, ensure the ad is legitimate, de-duplicate and then fill in the essential missing contact information so you can help that by owner sell their home.

For Sale By Owners are motivated and have raised their hand declaring they want to sell. FSBO's are a lucrative source of new business essential to every agent's lead generation business plan.

Subscription is $29 per month. Add Expired for only $59 per month. Save $19 off the A la carte pricing.

Daily Leads Delivered Every day

A list of all For Sale By Owner listings within a fifty-mile radius of your preferred working zip code is delivered every morning and continuously through the day and can be sorted by map, mileage proximity, price, zip code, county, or phone score.

Full and Accurate Contact Information

Each listing contains the primary and secondary owners with an accurate landline, mobile phone number, e-mail, social media link, consumer and property information, and Do Not Call status.

Quality Leads Assured

All FSBO leads are vetted against a proprietary keyword database to delete agent-owned, investor, de-dupes and other “by owner” ads not suitable for listing.

Web Portal Lead Manager

Each listing is stored in an online web portal where the subscriber can perform customized searches. The web portal enables you to take notes, set reminders, perform callbacks, and view dispositions on each listing.

PowerDialer Integration

Seamlessly synchronize your leads into your PowerDialer with the click of a button. After the call is made, results, call notes, and reminders are synchronized back into your web portal list manager.

Third-Party CRM Synchronization

For subscribers using third-party CRM, the listings can be automatically synced back using the web portal or PowerDialer. We build custom mapping for easy .CSV file importing and exporting on CRM platforms where synchronization is not available.

$29 per month. Save money by bundling with Expired Listings for $59 total per month.

We search every major local source including: online newspapers, public websites, and various online classified sections where owners advertise.

We update multiple times per-day, every day, seven days a week, with leads delivered within 24 hours of publishing.

No, all services are month-to-month, and there is never a setup fee.

We update FSBOs multiple times through the day.  Typically the first delivery is 8 a.m.

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles. You may edit the home ZIP at any time. You may customize your delivery area by mileage, price, ZIP code, county, or proprietary map. You can also filter by property status and phone score.

Yes, we check all FSBOs against the National Do Not Call Registry.  Please see our DNC compliance page for more information. 

You can choose to send your daily list or a list by date range into the dialer by performing a search. Then, clicking a button in the portal pushes your leads into the dialer within minutes.

"I have found the ArchAgent For Sale By Owner service to be the most reliable and accurate I've tried.  It's economical and an essential tool for every agent's lead generation."
Mitch ChoboianColdwell Banker Premier Real Estate

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