Likelihood to List and Performance Filtered neighborhood data


Put the neighborhood on notice that you’re the agent to call when they’re ready to make a move. Reach out to them first using our Neighborhood Data with likely to list and performance filters.  You'll quickly and easily  identify homeowners you want to target for new listing opportunities.

Create listing opportunities based on defined geographic areas of your choosing. Select to have those properties sorted by:

  • Likelihood to List.  Using an intelligent analysis of linear regression, modeling and machine learning your search is sorted by homeowners most likely to list with each property's rank displayed (not available in all markets)
  • Mileage proximity from a specific address to call around an open house or just listed/just sold property

Narrow your list area by user select  performance filters.

  • Price: Assessed Value or Estimated Value
  • Property Type: Single Family, Condos, Owner Occupied, Absentee
  • Property Details: Beds, Baths, Year Built, Length of Ownership


Most importantly, Arch provides the information necessary to connect with potential sellers by verifying the owner to eliminate renters and relatives. We then append their contact information in real time so it is as accurate as possible. Each listing includes owner names, landline, mobile phone, landline, verified email address, property and consumer information, and social media links.

Premium Neighborhood $99 a month, looks up owner information in real time includes mobile, email and social media. Add FSBO and Expired for $139 using the promo code ProLeads and save $48 per month.


If you’re calling around an open house or just listed/just sold property, doesn’t it make sense to call the closest neighbors first? Using the proximity sort you can generate new leads by creating lists sorted by closest to furthest from your new listing, just sold property, or open house.


If you’re targeting a neighborhood, wouldn’t you prefer to call the homeowners who are more likely to want to sell?

Using the Neighborhood Data with Likelihood to List sort strategy you can create a list of new leads sorted by propensity to sell their home.  We look at thousands of hyper-local markers specific to the zip code you are searching.  Then we rank and sort each listing by likelihood to list.  


You can also choose performance filters to further narrow your search.  Filters such as assessed or estimated value, property type such as single family, condominiums, owner occupied or absentee, or property type such as beds, baths, years in residence.

Scoring filters enables you to target desired homes and reduces the amount of calls and time needed to uncover valuable listing appointments.


Each listing contains the primary and secondary owners with an accurate landline, mobile, email address, social media link, consumer and property information, and Do Not Call status.

We run each listing through a stack different processes designed to verify the owner, ensuring phone number accuracy, so the correct phone number can be selected. The workflow uses a correlation between verification and property analytics then scores the listing and augments the contact information in real-time, so the information is as accurate as possible.


The list is generated using a single address or by zooming in on a neighborhood from a bird’s eye view. The area can be selected by radius or by drawing a map. Then, the subscriber can choose to sort the leads by proximity or performance filters. The web portal enables you to take notes, set reminders, perform callbacks, and view dispositions on each listing.


Seamlessly synchronize your leads into your PowerDialer with the click of a button. As you call, the PowerDialer inserts both current owners, cell phones, landline and e-mail address. After the call is made, results, call notes, and reminders are synchronized back into your web portal list manager.

  • Basic Neighborhood: $29 per month
  • Premium Neighborhood: $99 per month.  Save money with the Professional Agent Leads Bundle, that includes Premium Neighborhood, FSBO and Expired for $139.

We aggregate then layer property, consumer, and demographic information. Then we compare what can be verified against what cannot. Often data files contain information that crosses over, is compatible with other data sources, or is sometimes unique. We take verifiable information and score based upon a proprietary algorithm.  We review variables such as percent value ownership, property value, owner occupied, type of mortgage, bedrooms, marital status, credit worthiness, and years in residence.

No, all services are month-to-month, and there is never a setup fee.

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles. You may edit the home ZIP at any time. You may customize your delivery area by mileage, price, ZIP code, county, or proprietary map. You can also filter by property status and phone score.

Basic Neighborhood is not owner verified.  The phone numbers are coming from a consumer file and we estimate the accuracy is around 35%-40%.  If you occasionally call around a Just Listed/Just Sold or use an ISA, basic is designed for you.   

Premium Neighborhood is owner verified, and includes email and social media when available.  We estimate the accuracy at 80+%.  If Just/Listed Just/Sold, Circle Dialing or Neighborhood farming is essential to your lead generation plan and you are making the calls than Premium is designed for you. 

Yes, we scrub all records against the National Do Not Call Registry.  Please see our DNC compliance for more information. 

By performing a search then clicking a button, the portal pushes your leads into the dialer within a minute.  Because the Premium Neighborhood service appends owner, phone and email in real time, it cannot be exported to 3rd party dialing applications.  Basic Neighborhood can be exported. 

“We do telephone and door knocking prospecting and for lists we only use ArchAgent.  We like that you get full contact info for both owners for each property. The performance analytics on geographic calls have kicked our listing appointments way up. I was standing next to an agent that made four calls - and three of the four were already scheduled to meet with agents. My agent got appointments with two of the three and listed and sold both."
Thomas MyersRegional Manager, Carpenter Realtors

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