Expired Listing Leads


Our expired listings service ensures that, when a seller’s contract expires, your quality sales presentation is the first presentation the seller hears so you have the best chance of winning the listing.

Our proprietary database system does the work for you by collecting local expired listings, complete with full and accurate contact information, and delivering it directly to your inbox by 8AM and likely earlier in the web portal. Fully equipped, you can make contact and take the seller from “Expired” to “Sold.”

We work hard to find accurate owners mobile, landline, email address, and social media links. First time users can search historical listings going back 30 days, after 90 days of service you can go up to 2 years back. Delivery area is a 50-mile radius from your preferred working zip code.

Subscription is $49 per month. Add FSBO for only $10 extra and save $19.


A list of all Expired  listing leads (and other off-market listings, if available) within a fifty-mile radius of your preferred working zip code is delivered every morning at 8 a.m. or earlier and can be sorted by map, mileage proximity, price, zip code, county, or phone score.


Each expired listing lead contains the primary and secondary owners with an accurate landline, mobile phone number, e-mail, social media link, consumer and property information, and Do Not Call status.

We run each expired listing through a stack of augmentation processes designed to verify the owner, ensuring phone number accuracy, so the correct phone number can be selected. The workflow uses a correlation between verifiable information and public data to match and then score (accuracy scored by color) the phone number.


Each expired listing is stored in an online web portal where the subscriber can perform customized searches initally going back 30 days or up to 2 years for customers that have been on the service 3 months or more. Each listing’s current status can be checked in real time. The web portal allows you to take notes, set reminders, perform callbacks, and view dispositions on each listing.


Seamlessly synchronize your leads into your PowerDialer with the click of a button. After the call is made, results, call notes, and reminders are synchronized back into your web portal list manager.


For subscribers using many third-party CRMs, listings can be automatically synced.  For non-synchronized 3rd party CRMs .CSV exporting is available.  For a current list of 3rd party synchronized CRM's please contact us.

$49 per month, save money by bundling services.

No, all services are month-to-month, and there is never a setup fee.

The delivery area is a 50-mile radius from the center of your preferred working ZIP code (home ZIP), totaling 250 square miles. You may edit the home zip at any time. You may customize your delivery area by mileage, price, zip code, county, or proprietary map. You can also filter by property status and phone score.

Typically, we match a phone number to 80-90% of off-market listings. We also score the accuracy of the phone number.  You may filter by score. Some areas may match higher than others. For example, areas with significant international ownership and multiunit residences may score lower.

Delivery time is adjustable. Our default email delivery is 8 a.m., but often listings are available earlier in the web portal.

Yes, we scrub all listings against the National Do Not Call Registry (DNC).  Please see our DNC compliance page for more information. 

You can choose to send your daily list or a list by date range into the dialer by clicking a button and your leads are available within minutes.

The reports are delivered in three formats: summary, full text, and .CSV. The “Summary” version provides essential listing details and is best-suited for printing. The “Full Text” version provides all available details. The “.CSV” version is designed for downloading and importing into contact managers.

“The only leads I use are ArchAgent.  My previous provider gave me accurate numbers 1-2 out of 10 times; with ArchAgent I get 7-8 out of 10. I like that it updates the information right in front of me. I dial a lot by hand, so I can see it update and insert new information."
Ken PriceRE/MAX Around Atlanta Realty

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