Customized AI-Powered Recommended Seller Lead Lists

The Future of Lead Management is Here

Real estate agents are constantly searching for new ways to be efficient and effective. Thanks to ArchAgent’s new AI-powered Recommendations service, the search is over – and agents now have a revolutionary new tool for creating targeted marketing and prospecting lists.

By leveraging the intuitiveness of machine learning, predictive analytics with best practices Recommendations optimizes the lead management process and delivers agents personalized, actionable “recommendations”, saving you time and money and transforming the way your prioritize and engage with leads. Recommendations is available for no cost to any subscriber using premium real time or batch neighborhood and two other lead list services. This is necessary to generate sufficient daily lead lists.

Customized lists Delivered every day

Recommendations automatically, with no effort by you, creates a daily marketing list of up to 100 homes based on your preferred geographic area. The list contains homeowners scored by financial and personal behaviors. The results align with the property types selling in specific zip codes to ensure the highest degree of success.

The Recommendations Difference

The AI-powered Recommendations service is engineered to:

  • Increase the number of listing appointments. Lists include intelligent recommendations of the leads most likely to convert to appointments
  • Increase the number of contacts. Intelligent lead filtering and prioritization tools, along with highly accurate phone and email details, make it easier to connect with potential sellers
  • Optimize lead prioritization. By identifying the leads most likely to list, agents can prioritize their time and follow-up strategies and focus on the opportunities with the highest potential for success.
  • Increase efficiencies. Higher quality leads improve time to conversion, and the seamless data integration with preferred marketing CRM platforms creates more efficient workflows.
  • Improve prospecting skills. Recommendations provides insights into the behaviors and strategies for more efficient prospecting.

To further enhance agent efficiencies, the Insights service (currently in beta) analyzes the results from curated Recommendations lists, including:

  • Quality and quantity of lead contact details
  • Engagement and follow-up actions
  • Conversion rates at every stage of the sales funnel
  • Total engagement time
  • Overall outreach efforts

The Secret Sauce: Proprietary Algorithm Logic
The power of the Recommendations service is based on its proprietary algorithm logic, which incorporates:

  • Neighborhood evaluations, prioritizing property owners most likely to list, owners most contactable, and prospects most likely to convert into leads
  • Targeted follow-up recommendations for For Sale By Owner, For Rent By Owner, and Pre-foreclosure listings based on predictive models
  • Best prospecting practices guidance, simulating successful marketing drip campaigns
  • Learned business rules to filter out listings unlikely to engage, based on historical data and agent interactions

Key Features
The Recommendations service includes:

  • Updated Dashboard UI: Incorporates AI/ML recommendations with daily updates for a user-friendly experience.
  • System-Generated Recommendations: Suggestions are based on comprehensive metrics and models aiming to improve specific outcomes.
  • Enhanced Listing Detail Pages: Indicators such as “Hot Lead” or “Ready for Contact” provide insights into the lead’s potential.


Having used multiple systems for finding seller phone numbers, ArchAgent has consistently delivered the best numbers for Neighborhood searches. Their technology has continued to improve over the years, and I consistently see Steve, the owner, at MFO events. I had decided to give it a try about a year ago and am very thankful that I did. Despite a 25% reduction of listings in my market, my number of listings taken is still averaging 6-8 listings per month, which puts me on track to meet or beat my 2022 record. Even in a listing-starved market, ArchAgent has helped me to not slow down. Thanks ArchAgent! Sam Williams, 100+ transactions per year,
Coldwell Banker Schmitt

Today’s real estate market has you leveraging technology or surrendering to it.