Mike Ferry Coaching Call: Ira Naditch On Trending & Hyper-Transitioning Topics

We were fortunate to eavesdrop on a recent Mike Ferry real estate coaching call, where coach Ira Naditch shares insights on trending and hyper-transitioning topics, such as:

  • How rising interest rates are impacting homebuyers and sellers
  • The importance of pricing properties correctly
  • The need for agents to sharpen their price reduction skills
  • The importance of surrounding yourself with likeminded agents to maintain a positive mindset
  • New agents shadowing a top producer who is listing a house every week
  • Developing relationships with mentors and mastermind groups by attending the Mike Ferry Superstar Retreat.
  • Role playing to master objection handling and scripts
  • Advice from three Mega Agents to grow your business the second half of 2022.

Watch the ~30 minute video below:

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