What’s Winning The Listing Presentation Really Mean?

You’ve won the listing presentation, priced it right and the listing sold… now what? An insightful view into the Top Producer’s mindset of “winning.”

What Top Producing Agents Do Every Day… And So Should You! Part 4: The Mindset of Winning

You’ve done all the hard work: prospected, qualified, overcome the objections and negotiated a win-win sales price. You’ve crossed every “t” and dotted every “i” and completed the home sale. Listen to eight top producers discuss the most important skills for repeat wins (and, interestingly 7 of 8 point to the same skill.)

If you’d like to be a more consistent producer and overcome the ups and downs in your business, learn what these top agents believe is the most important skill to overcome repetitious boredom and how to avoid complacency after the win!

Part four of this four-part series focuses on the Mindset of Winning!

The country’s top real estate agents rely on ArchAgent tools and resources – all available in a single package for a low cost. If you want to win repeatedly, a proper mindset is essential – and is easier to maintain if you win early and often. Use ArchAgent’s Likely To List Analytics to ensure you have a sufficient source of new leads to win often and repeatedly.