The Proper Mindset To Prospect Real Estate Leads

Mindset = Success

Two agents compete in the same market, access to the same leads and demands on their time is equal. Yet one is professionally and privately fulfilled and the other struggles along… why?  The answer is in their Mindset.   

Mindset can overcome anything. A proper mindset enables you to discover opportunity where others see failure. Conversely, a poor mindset destroys opportunity and spreads into our personal lives. If you are struggling with your real estate career, perhaps the first place to start is to ask yourself why you become a real estate agent in the first place?

Maybe in past jobs you felt your ambition was being stifled or you had limits on what you could earn. Perhaps the red tape of the corporate world was just too much to endure. Those obstacles do not exist in real estate sales, unless your Mindset allows them to. 

Most top producing agents we’ve talked to share a very similar Mindset. They prefer to actively participate versus managing. Their optimism prevails over their pessimism.  They set goals and have high risk tolerance. 

This profile doesn’t just match a successful real estate agent, but it the exact profile divulged in interviews with people such as Bill Gates (Microsoft) and Howard Schultz (Starbucks) by Entrepreneur Magazine. The fact is real estate agents are entrepreneurs.  Just like other entrepreneurs, you operate and manage your own business.

With the proper Mindset there are no bad leads; either you were successful in converting them or not. Only one agent wins the listing presentation. Only one agent wins the buyer contract.

Stay Focused and Organzied

1. A routine that prepares you to make the call: each call should begin with a clear desk and a clear mind. You never know what’s on the other end of this call; prepare as if this call is your most important call of the day.  Are you better at making calls around your peers or alone? Many people find that if they make calls in the company of others, they are more persistent.

2. A memorized follow-up script: if you were building a home, the script would be your foundation.  If you do not have a memorized follow-up script, your business may fall down. A script only sounds like a script if it’s not memorized and absorbed into your personality; when that happens it’s not a script, it’s you.

3. A sole and focused agenda of what you want to accomplish: on the initial call that agenda should be to qualify. Are they motivated to buy or sell in the next 60 to 90 days? 

4. Objection handling: there are only so many objections; learn to handle the common ones. Know the difference between an auto-response, a true objection and a condition.

5. Remove yourself emotionally from the outcome of the call; be true to your agenda.  You’re not making a new friend, your developing a business relationship and this requires both parties to participate. If the prospect is “offish” and will not cooperate, do not hesitate to continue to pursue your agenda, and even cut them loose versus “rolling-over” and pacifying them… you’ll only regret it later.

How Can ArchAgent Help?

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