Augmenting Contact Info In Real Time

After years of working wit big data and trying to solve its inaccuracies, one thing is empirically clear: hosted data sources don’t work.  If you want accurate contact information, you must augment, score and verify in real time. 

Augmenting data in real time serves two vital purposes.  First and foremost, its the only way to provide accurate contact information.  When the tax roll updates, we update.  Real time look-ups eliminate the lag and inaccuracies of hosted data sources.

Secondly, it enables us to keep costs down so we can provide you with more affordable data subscriptions.  Augmenting in real time eliminates the breakage, or waste of spending money on records that you are not going to dial.  So we can maximize the investment on what you are going to dial.   


Now PowerDialer Augments In Real Time Too…

Whether you prefer to dial by hand or take advantage of the ArchAgent PowerDialer, your information is being augmented, updated and verified in real time.  The PowerDialer literally updates a record seconds before you call it.  So the contact information is as fresh as possible. 


Scoring and Prioritizing Numbers

Phone records for owner1 and owner2 are analyzed and prioritized by confidence score.  So you have the best chance of reaching both owners.  Duplicate landlines are only assigned one time. 


Email Address Scored

Email addresses are tricky.  Think about it,  you likely have multiple email addresses.  We run all email appends through a 3rd party verification service that attempts to verify the most used email address, eliminating those reporting spam so you have the best chance at delivering your message.   


Social Media Append

In today’s world, there’s many ways to make contact.  Many agents prefer to reach out to consumers via social media platforms to build their Center of Influence.  When available, we provide you with social media profiles for both owners. 


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