How To Win Listings in 2023 with These 14 Must-Have Listing Presentation Skills for Real Estate Agents

In 2021 we saw home prices skyrocket but consumer wages couldn’t keep up with home appreciation. The slow down was inevitable, but then the unthinkable happened: interest rates doubled. As a result, the real estate market shifted faster than Taylor Swift writing a revenge song about her latest ex.

Many agents were unprepared for the shift. The market had become so fluffy that many had stopped prospecting. The average agent made 23% more income in 2021 than 2022 but that was largely due to the higher home prices. With today’s tougher real estate market, now is the time to get back to prospecting and earning listings.

To ensure you win your share of listings, follow these 14 Listing Presentation Skills

  1. Know Your Market Stats: You must be an absolute authority in your market. The homeowner is placing what is likely their largest asset in your care, which mean they must believe they are in the best possible hands.
  2. Know Your Scripts: You know you will have two objections to your listing presentation – price and commission. Expect them and be prepared to overcome them.
  3. Focus on Action, not Activities: Calling the same leads over and over is an activity. Scrolling through Facebook is an activity. Role playing and prospecting new leads for listing appointments is an action.
  4. Possess the Discipline to Be Consistent. As Mike Ferry says, “Embrace repetitious boredom.”
  5. Professionalize Everything: Your clothes, your pre-listing package, your presentation. It’s what sets you apart.
  6. Uncover Sellers Motivation: This is your unique proposition – and you only discover this by asking questions. Once you a seller’s motivation, make it work for you. Remember objections can be overcome; conditions cannot.
  7. Identify Five Reasons You Should Represent Seller: What separates you from your competition? Identity those five things and present them to the seller.
  8. No Matter What – Speak the Truth: Want to win a listing that sucks the bones from your back, steals your time, energy, and enthusiasm? Then lie about the property’s value and list it for the price the seller wants you to list it for. Alternatively, save yourself time and energy and tell the truth about price and commission.
  9. Demonstrate Your Process: In the listing presentation, show your daily schedule and the steps you take to sell a home. Most agents never do this. But, by detailing your process you create separation from the rest.
  10. Investigate Your Competitors: Know what they offer and how to compensate for anything you don’t.
  11. Believe: Are you the right agent for the job? If you don’t believe it nobody else will. Believing in yourself is not just words. True self-conviction, true self-purpose takes work.
  12. Power of No: Learn to express the most powerful word in your vocabulary: No. Walking away from certain deals saves you time, headache, money, frustration, and anxiety.
  13. Never Argue: If you disagree, simply smile, nod your head and ask the next question. Instead of trying to win arguments, focus on getting the Agreement signed.
  14. Set a Goal: You should be able to uncover two to three listing presentations every week. Encompass the strength, energy, and enthusiasm to make this happen.

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