How Top Producing Real Estate Agents Convert Leads to Listing Appointments

Hear successful agents detail their daily prospecting routine, including how frequently they call a lead and how they prepare the seller for the appointment.

What Top Producing Agents Do Every Day… And So Should You! Part 2: Lead to Appointment

How often do top producing agents call a lead? Once they convert a lead to a listing appointment how do they prepare the seller for their onsite visit? ArchAgent owner Steve Cortez’s interviews with eight highly successful agents continue with discussions about daily prospecting habits and prelisting packages. What each of these agents have in common is a highly successful, repeatable, and sustainable lead generation program. These professionals share details about how frequently they call an Expired or FSBO lead and how they prepare their prelisting package once they’ve set the appointment.

If you’d like to convert more leads to listing appointments, find out what top producers do. These agents know what it takes to separate themselves from the pack.

Part two of this four-part series focuses on Lead Conversion.

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