Using Sign Riders to Generate Immediate Leads

Using your Powerline™ number on sign riders is one of the easiest and most effective strategies for attracting buyer and seller leads.

Many prospects prefer to get in their cars and drive the areas in which they are interested before calling a real estate agent, even with all of the information available on the internet and printed media. Get the first opportunity to build rapport and convert the leads into clients by capturing these prospects’ phone numbers before they speak with an agent. This gives you the first opportunity to generate a new listing if they have a home for sale, as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance reports that 74% of sellers and 61% of buyers hire the first agent they talk to.

Powerline’s™ technology allows you to track each lead using a special advertising source digit while generating quality leads. Prospects receive every opportunity to get information on all of your properties.

Ordering Sign Riders

ArchAgent can provide you with Powerline™ sign riders. Each rider comes in distinctive colors and are made with corrugated plastic. You can find more information on ordering signs on our Sign Rider Form.

Sample Sign Riders


Key Strategies for Using Sign Riders

  • Visibility – Mount the rider on top of your signs. Use a two-sided rider with the toll-free number printed on both sides.  Include a mention on the rider of the free 24-hour recording offered.
  • Compel People to Call – Remove the brochure box.  This forces the prospect to call or text into your Powerline™ to receive additional details, ensuring that you capture the lead. We understand that sellers occasionally request that paper flyers be placed in front of the property. If you must use a brochure box, print your Powerline™ number on the brochure and eliminate any disqualifying information such as square footage, number of bedrooms, and price.
  • Source Digits – Utilize a source digit (the fourth digit of your extension) to determine the source of each of your leads.


Mobile Marketing with SMS/Text

When people pull in front of a property, people are looking for a price and a visual. This makes our SMS/Text Mobile Marketing Service a natural fit for use with sign riders.

The caller is able to text directly into the system and receive text messages via opt-in when accessing the Powerline through the 800 system. If your extension has information configured, and the caller is on their cell phone, the caller is prompted at the end of the message. In order to maximize this feature, you can add verbiage to the end of your recording to help prompt the prospect:

You  can  receive  our  most  current  price  by  pressing  zero  at  any  time.  If  you  are  calling  from  a mobile phone, please press six now to receive additional details including photos of the property.

Refer to our Mobile Marketing Guide for additional details.

QR Codes

Refer to our QR Code Marketing Guide regarding QR codes on sign riders.

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