Real Estate is a relationship business. Maintaining your relationships is now even easier.

  1. Acquire and talk to new leads and prospects using your Power Dialer™.
  2. Automatically push the pre-call, post-call notes and the scheduled callback date for Interested contacts into Contactually.
  3. Use Contacutally to nuture the prospect relationship by having more relevant and natural conversations.

For example, a new FSBO, Expired or Just Listed / Just Sold lead can be automatically loaded into the Power Dialer™, called and then the contact pushed into Contactually per your discretion. You won’t waste valuable time with manually importing, typing or worse… losing your call notes.

For each interested prospect, Power Dialer™ sends Contactually:

  • Contact Info including Name, Phone Numbers, Street Address, Email Address
  • Pre-Call Contact Notes including MLS #, Home Price, and original ad information
  • Your detailed Call Notes
  • Scheduled Callback Date

Contactually takes it from there providing a streamlined workflow and allows you to be even more productive.

For more information or to setup your Contactually sync call us at 800-882-9155 or email