How To Become A Highly Successful Listing Agent

At ArchAgent, we believe the most successful realtors are listings agents, which is why we focus on the delivery of listing leads. Finding sellers is harder than finding buyers- especially in today’s market – which is it’s critical to win as many listing presentations as possible.

To become a top listing agent, you need to develop specific skills, follow relevant scripts, and learn how to handle objections. Prospecting for sellers requires considerable effort, including a willingness to thoroughly qualify potential sellers – which means you may have to say no to over-priced listings and unreasonable sellers.

After 25+ years of working with the top listing agents in North America, we’ve noticed that virtually every one of them shares certain traits in terms of their approach, processes, and disciplines. If you strive to be a highly successful listing agent, consider the following.

9 Traits That Every Highly Successful Listing Agent Shares

  1. Confidence. If you lack skill, it’s easy to have self-doubt. Skill – and confidence – is gained through memorization of scripts and role-playing. With practice, you can adopt the attitude that you’re the very best agent to handle the transaction – and what you believe about yourself becomes the reality.
  2. Enthusiasm. Highly effective listing agents show up with energy that is maintained throughout the listing presentation. Even if you don’t feel enthusiastic, you must act like you do. So, fake it!
  3. Top listing agents keep their ego in check. In a presentation, they make the conversation about the potential seller, not about themselves. They understand that the prospective seller only cares about what’s in it for them, which is why the listing agent must make them feel important. Top agents understand that the potential seller cares little about their past accomplishments or office ranking.
  4. Focus. When prospecting for new listings, top agents defeat distractions. They focus on their task and turn off social media, text, and email. They dedicate specific times every day for lead generation and follow-up.
  5. Honesty. There is no bigger time suck than being dishonest with a seller. If you know a listing price is higher than the market will bear, it may seem easier to agree to the price and then reduce it in the future. However, you’ll likely spend much more time trying to fix the price issue than you would have by being honest and direct with the seller from the get-go.
  6. Understanding. Top agents know it is critical to understand the needs of their client and the market and have the ability to align them. To accomplish this, you must ask questions. In a presentation, spend more time asking questions than actually presenting. Be prepared and walk in knowing the average sales price of the comps, the number of competitive homes on the market, and the number of days those homes have been on the market. The better you understand the market and the seller’s needs, the stronger your confidence.
  7. Repetitiveness. Top listing agents win listings by following a proven process each and every time, over and over again. You must learn to embrace the repetition. You may think there’s a good reason for not following your script, for skipping the listing presentation package, for quitting prospecting, or for not qualifying motivation. There is always a good reason – there’s just never a good enough reason.
  8. Top agents stay present. They do not renumerate success or failure. They understand they can only control themselves, not the outcome. If they do their job, they will win more than they lose. The more presentations you do, the easier it is to remain detached from the outcome.
  9. It’s easy to put off today what you can do tomorrow. Unfortunately, it’s easy for procrastination to become a lifestyle that creates more anxiety than it relieves. Highly successful agents understand the importance of completing the task today instead of adding it to their “to do” list for tomorrow.

Becoming a top listing agent requires hard work and dedication. By embracing these traits of high-performing listing agents, you are better positioned to win more presentations and listings.

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