Expired Listings Script: What To Say to Succeed in Winning Expired Listings

With inventory still low across the country, finding new listing opportunities can be a challenge. Traditionally, agents have focused on five sources to find new listings: for sale by owners, expired listings, calling homes near a just-listed home, calling homes near a just- sold home, and relying on their center of influence.

For Sale By Owners and Expired Listings have always been the lowest hanging fruit for prospecting because the home seller has raised their hand and said I want to sell. With less inventory you must win a higher percentage of the opportunities you identify. To do that, you must sharpen your script skills: agents that know what to say win the most listings.

To win the most listings, you must overcome preconceived objections to prospecting, prepare yourself to prospect, and know what to say to succeed.

  • Overcome fear of phone calling. If you have ever called an Expired listing, you’ve certainly experienced an upset consumer. Great prospectors understand their ratios of calls to appointment. A “no” is one step closer to a “yes.” The “no’s” and “yeses” are fine – but “maybes” can destroy your prospecting efficiency. If you want to overcome fear, start calling so you can get used to it. Unless you face your fears, you can’t overcome them. Are you afraid of being embarrassed? We all have embarrassed ourselves so accept that you’re going to make mistakes. Can’t believe you blew an appointment? Everyone has – nobody was born as a top producer.
  • Improve your marketplace knowledge. Master the skill of understanding and conveying market stats. Stay current, aware, and own the ability to convey it – not just what the comps say but also how many days on market, how many offers are coming in on like homes, and more. Keep your ego out of the conversation because ego is about you and not the seller. Only talk about things that matter to the seller. And remember: there’s always someone bigger, faster, better-looking than you.
  • Eliminate distractions: There are natural distractions and self-imposed distractions. Natural ones include factors outside of your control, such as a seller canceling or family obligations. You can manage self-imposed distractions, however, such as text messages, emails, and social media. Success requires being fanatical about your schedule, setting a time to prospect, and not allowing anything to interrupt you.
  • Prepare what to say. Prospecting is about asking questions to uncover a need or want, finding a qualifying motivation, and setting the appointment. Here’s a tried-and-true telephone prospecting script for Expired Listings.

The Expired Listing Phone Script

Hi, I’m looking for _______ . My name is _______ with _______ . Your home recently came up on our computer as an expired listing and I was calling to see when you were planning to interview the right agent for the job of selling your home.

If you sold this home , where would you go next?

How soon do you have to be there?

Why do you think your home did not sell?

How did you happen to pick the last agent you listed with?

What did that agent do , that you liked best?

What do you feel they should have done differently?

What will you expect from the next agent you choose?

Have you already chosen an agent to work with?

I would like to apply for the job of selling your home. Are you familiar with the techniques I use to sell homes?

What would be the best time to show you, Monday or Tuesday at ____?

Expired Listing Leads

Our expired listings service ensures that, when a seller’s contract expires, your quality sales presentation is the first presentation the seller hears so you have the best chance of winning the listing.

Our proprietary database system does the work for you by collecting local expired listings, complete with full and accurate contact information, and delivering it directly to your inbox by 8AM and likely earlier in the web portal. Fully equipped, you can make contact and take the seller from “Expired” to “Sold.”

We work hard to find accurate owners mobile, landline, email address, and social media links. First time users can search historical listings going back 30 days, after 90 days of service you can go up to 2 years back. Delivery area is a 50-mile radius from your preferred working zip code. Learn more: Expired Listing Leads from ArchAgent.

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