How To Win More Real Estate Listings

Prospective sellers choose a listing agent based on their perception of the value an agent offers relative to the competition. The prospects’ determination of value is influenced by a combination of an agent’s function, or what he can offer the prospect, and the agent’s professional perception.

You must present a compelling and functional marketing plan to close more listing presentations. More importantly, you must present yourself as a dynamic professional by differentiating yourself from your competition. Every seller is concerned about one thing: selling their home at the maximum possible price in the shortest possible time period. It is imperative that you communicate to prospects your unique ability to facilitate that process.

Anyone with a cursory understanding of the housing market, or free market for that matter, knows that all price points are determined by supply and demand. The price of a share of stock is not determined by earnings, price-to-sales ratios, market capitalization, or any other metric that some financial analyst would have you believe. The value of an individual stock is determined by the price at which an individual is willing to sell the stock (supply) and the price that another individual is willing to pay (demand). The housing market replicates this exact same relationship.

Many factors influence demand, but the single greatest mitigating factor is exposure. Demand would skyrocket if your listing was showcased, or exposed, on the evening news each day. Your presentation should focus on the unique capabilities you possess that create the greatest demand for the prospect’s house, allowing them to sell it at the maximum sales price in the minimum amount of time.

Enter Powerline™

Despite the ubiquitous electronic resources, most potential home buyers still search for properties the old-fashioned way: they select a desired neighborhood and drive the area looking at “For Sale” signs. Powerline’s™ sign riders advertise toll-free information hotlines compelling prospects to call and allowing agents to capture the information of prospects driving neighborhoods looking for their next home purchase.

During your listing presentations, explain to prospects how Powerline’s™ technology allows you to immediately follow up on potential buyers who call the toll-free number. Don’t miss out on a drive-by prospect that disappeared without the seller being able to track their marketing’s results. The stress-free and anonymous method of contact offered by Powerline’s™ toll-free information hotline results in more calls. By removing the intimidation of dealing directly with an agent on the phone, Powerline™ leads to 300-400% more calls from prospects.

More calls equate to more captured information and more quality leads. Having more leads becomes an opportunity for you to build demand in the property. When you give your listing presentation, use these unique capabilities to impress the prospect with your ability to create the most demand on their house so you can sell at the highest price.

Preparation Is Key to Your Success

Acquire as much information about the seller’s home as possible prior to attending the listing appointment. Draft a script describing the features of the home, placing emphasis on the points that are important to your sellers. Next, call your 800 number and record the prospect’s information on one of your available listing extensions.

Once you begin the marketing portion of your presentation, explain how you intend to use the exciting and sophisticated technology of Powerline™ to help sell the prospect’s home. Call your toll-free number and have the prospect listen to the recorded listing of their property and even directly transfer to you. You will be able to show them their contact information that has been delivered directly to your cell phone via a text message. Additionally, have one of your assistants placed on the notification alert for this number, so when you call the number, they can call you back. Top producing realtors consistently tell us this is one of the most powerful benefits of Powerline™.

Incorporate special Powerline™ features such as Arch’s Call Coordinator Service to add a flare to your presentation that undoubtedly sets you apart. Consider setting up Call Coordinator with a separate Powerline™ extension that you use solely in listing presentations. When you call that Powerline™ extension, you are able to instantly show the that you have been alerted with the contact information of the caller. And with Call Coordinator, you receive a call from an operator within 15 minutes following-up with answers to any questions you may have or information qualifying a potential home buyer. The immediacy and professionalism of this response communicates to the prospect that you have the service and technology needed to sell their home quickly and at the highest possible price

Example of a Top Producer’s (Sales Volume in Excess of $40,000,000)

Listing Presentation

The following is a sample listing presentation:

My call capture technology enables me to offer free, recorded information about your property 24 hours a day. I’ll advertise the 800 number on your yard sign and in all the ads I run. Prospective buyers can call any time to hear the recorded message describing your property.

Prospective buyers can inquire about it when it is convenient for them since it is available at any time. Imagine a prospect looking at one of my advertisements on your property late in the evening. He can call and get information right when his interest is piqued. Intimidation is eliminated from a recorded service. The prospect does not have to speak with a live sales person leading to three to four times as many people calling.

Once the prospect makes the call, the true power of this system springs to life. When that prospect calls and listens to the recording of your property, my system records the name, address and phone number automatically, whether the name is left or not. This powerful technology enables me to follow up on every call, allowing me to have a steady-stream of leads interested in finding out more about your property.

The system records the caller’s information on a call report, just like this one. (Show the prospective seller a sample call report, or for greater impact, a three-ring binder of many sample call reports.) At this point, I’ll follow up to see if the caller is interested in seeing your home. Let me show you how it works.”

Have him pick up his phone, dial your 800 number, and enter the extension you’ve assigned to his property, but don’t tell him it’s his property. As he is listening to the greeting, tell him to enter the listing extension you have assigned to the recording of his property. 20-30 seconds later, a text message to your cell phone arrives with the prospective seller’s home phone number, name, address, and property address on it.

Show your text message to your sellers. You’ve just solidified in their minds how you capture every single call. The graphic representation of the text message generates an emotional response from the prospect. People make decisions based upon emotion – close on that emotion. Try this:

Isn’t this impressive technology? I capture every potential buyer, and, within minutes, I can be on the phone and getting them excited about your property. That description may not completely describe your home, but you can see the concept. With this system, prospective buyers have access to your property 24 hours a day and receive marketing information immediately. Since I capture their information for follow-up, we don’t lose potential buyers. I will be talking to them when their interest is piqued. This is very important because if your agent can’t get the desired information to potential buyers immediately, that prospect often moves on to the next property. With this system, I give them information immediately and follow up while they’re hot.”

This presentation captivates prospects’ imaginations and demonstrates the unique value offered by your Powerline™ system. Any agent can claim to be the best or most successful agent in a neighborhood. It’s the agent who uses tangible assets to show how they generate demand and sell for the highest price who closes the listing presentation.

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Today’s real estate market has you leveraging technology or surrendering to it.