Corner the market on commissions with our powerful, all-in-one prospecting tool.

Prospecting is an agent’s single-most lucrative business practice – but it’s not easy. Placing calls manually is tedious and prone to error. Bad numbers and unanswered calls waste precious time and voicemail messaging is brutally repetitive.

Generate quality leads, more listings, and bigger commissions with less effort using our PowerDialer™ automatic dialer service. Streamline your process, connect yourself to live answers quickly, and eliminate time wasters like misdials, duplicate numbers, and voicemail wait times with our web-based system. Take your prospecting to the next level with our preloaded call lists, CRM integration, and FCC compliance.

Easy to Use with Pre-loaded Lead and Call Lists

Expired, FSBO, FRBO, Neighborhood or your lead lists are automatically loaded and are dynamically managed using our MyPlus web portal.


Works on any Device

Requires no special equipment and is compatible with any Mac, PC, tablet and any type of phone.


Efficient and Economical

Enables you to connect to four times the number of prospects compared to calling manually. Multiple pricing plans to choose from to fit your specific prospecting needs.


CRM Synchronization

Trigger post-call reminders and notes using our automatic CRM synchronization with the MyPlus portal.The MyPlus portal enables you to sync with multiple 3 rd party CRM platforms.


Notes, Scripts, and Progress Displayed

Call notes such as FSBO ads, expired remarks and property information are displayed. Previous call history and customized scripts are also available.


Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Compliant

The PowerDialer closely follows TCPA compliance and does not allow you to dial without material human intervention therefore is not defined as an Automatic Telephone Dialing System (ATDS) and is not subject to TCPA restrictions. For more information on TCPA compliance www.archtelecom.com/TCPA.


FCC and FTC Do Not Call Compliance

PowerDialer is not defined as an ATDS therefore is not subject to ATDS rules. All lists are checked against state and federal Do Not Call registries as well as adhere to abandonment and consumer consent policies. Check your state’s regulations for specific state restrictions.

PowerDialer has three different pricing plans to meet your specific prospecting needs.
  • PREMIUM: $99 per month for unlimited use. Recommended for agents that prospect for 3 or more hours per day.
  • PROFESSIONAL: $59 per month for the first 2000 minutes. Recommended for agents that prospect 2 hours a day or 10 hours a week on average.
  • VALUE: $39 per month for the first 1000 minutes. Recommended for agents that prospect 1 hour a day or 5 hours a week on average.

Additional minutes can be added to the Value and Professional plans for $5 per 100-minute increment. Unused purchased minutes do not expire.

Is there a contract or setup fee?

No, all services are month to month, billed at the end of the month and Arch never charges a setup fee. You only pay for the actual time on the Service.

Do I need any special equipment to use the PowerDialer?

No, all you need is a telephone and access to the internet. You can use it with any browser and from any PC or Mac computer or tablet. There is no software to download or hardware to purchase.

How do I get leads into the PowerDialer service?

Simply press a button and your Expired, FSBO, FRBO and Neighborhood leads are in the dialer. You can also load any 3rd party lead list that is in a Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

Do you scrub against the DNC registry?

Yes, whether the list comes from Arch or is a 3rd party list we check the number against the Do Not Call (DNC) registry. Because there are permissible exemptions to the DNC restrictions the user determines if these phone records should be called or skipped.