Mobile Marketing



Make every device a powerful sales tool.

Mobile marketing can be the difference between winning or missing out on a listing, making or losing a sale. But all aspects of your business can be improved with our comprehensive mobile marketing platform. Receive instant, on-demand access to property information along with real-time lead notifications ensuring you never miss an opportunity. Win more listings and attract more buyers to increase sales with our powerful property marketing point of difference.

Convenient and Simple Setup

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing messages using our setup guide. Get things running quickly and use our best practices.


Customizable Property and Business Card Messages

Create custom automated text messages and recorded responses that deliver important property information as well as mobile business cards containing your contact information.


Mobile-friendly Web Pages

Property sites with mobile optimization deliver a high-quality experience, complete with property details, pictures, and your contact information to all customers.


Instant Response

Immediately send text messages with property details, property pictures, and an electronic business card to prospective buyers that text codes or call your toll-free number from your sign rider.


Immediate Lead Notifications

Find prospect locations using GPS and cell triangulation with pinpoint accuracy. Immediate prospect alerts, including phone numbers and properties they’ve inquired about, are delivered to you while interest is high.

$30 per month for 25 property codes. Property codes are re-suable. Additional property codes are $10 for a set of 10 codes.

How does ArchAgent’s mobile marketing service work?

ArchAgent’s mobile marketing allows consumers to send text message short codes to ArchAgent to receive additional information on specific properties. This message triggers an immediate response with text and a link to property photos. You receive a notification that a property received an inquiry.

Do I have to pay every time someone requests information?

The service is flat rate, there are no individual text messages, “per-message”, or “per-lead” charges. Texas residents pay sales tax.


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