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Highly Accurate Contact Information For Any Homeowner

Do you struggle finding accurate contact information for very specific but highly desirable homeowners? Perhaps you have a list of probate, notice of default, non-owner occupied or simply want to update your center of influence.
Whether you’re looking for a single homeowner or a thousand, data append will find you the current owner of record (regardless where they reside) and their landline, mobile, email and social media links with nothing more than a postal address.

If you can put your list in a spreadsheet, we can find you what you need to make contact. It’s that simple.

Lists are Appended in Real Time

Once you upload your list, Data Append augments (fills in contact information) in real time at that very moment. Since we look up the tax roll and all contact information the moment you need it, it’s fresh and highly accurate.


Full and Accurate Contact Information

Each listing contains the primary owner with an accurate landline, mobile phone number, e-mail, social media link, consumer and property information, and Do Not Call status.


Web Portal List Archive

Each listing is stored in an online web portal where the subscriber can save and search for previously loaded lists.


PowerDialer Integration

Simple export your list from the MyPlus web portal as a CSV and you can load into the PowerDialer using the CSV uploader.

$0.25 per match. No charge for non-matched properties.

How do you find contact information for my lists?

We use the exact same cascade for data append that we would for an expired or geographic listing. We lookup the owner of record in real time and never use a hosted data source so the contact information is extremely accurate.

Is there a contract or setup fee?

No, data append only charges you when a complete match is made and there is never a service fee.

Do you scrub against the DNC registry?

Yes, we scrub all phone records against the National Do Not Call Registry at the state and federal level. Because there are permissible exemptions to calling phone numbers listed on the DNC we allow the user to determine whether or not that number should be called or skipped.

How do I get data append lists into the PowerDialer Service?

Simply download the list via the CSV export and upload into the PowerDialer using the manual CSV uploader. Your list will appear instantly.

What formats are available for daily e-mails?

The reports are delivered in three formats: summary, full text, and .CSV. The “Summary” version provides essential listing details and is best-suited for printing. The “Full Text” version provides all available details including the advertisement. The “.CSV” version is designed for downloading and importing into contact managers.


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