Mobile Marketing Support To Sell More Homes

Cell phones have become a consumer lifeline and ArchAgent’s Mobile Marketing harnesses the power of this technology to help you sell more homes. Buyers who drive by your listings simply text the code or call the toll-free number displayed on your sign rider. They’ll immediately receive a text message with property information and you’ll capture their information so you can respond while interest is high.

Instructions for Configuring Mobile Marketing and recommended Best Practices for using Mobile Marketing can be found in this guide.

Configuring Mobile Marketing Information

After you create a regular extension you can add information to the listing that will be sent automatically upon request by the caller to their cellular phone. The caller will be sent two separate text messages; the first will be information on the individual extension and the second will be your “Business Card” containing all of your contact information, which will automatically be included with each extension. Each of these messages will be limited to 160 characters due to the constraints of the text messaging features.

Adding Your Photo to the Business Card

  1. Click on the “My Mailbox” tab
  2. Click on “Browse” and find the needed photo on your local drive
  3. Enter in a photo description
  4. Click “Upload File”

Setting Up Your Business Card Message

Note: It is only necessary to set up your business card one time. It will be included on every SMS requested.

  1. Click on the “Powerline” tab
  2. Choose the link “SMS/Text”
  3. Enter your contact information inside of the “SMS Info” dialogue box
  4. Choose “Save”

Setting Up Mobile Marketing For An Extension

  1. Click on the “Powerline” tab
  2. Choose “Edit” under “Controls”
  3. Enter the description inside of the “SMS Info” box
  4. Choose “Save Extension”

Adding Photos to an Extension

  1. Click on the “Powerline” tab
  2. Choose “Pictures” under “Controls”
  3. Click the browse button to select a photo from your hard drive.
  4. Enter a Description for the photo to be displayed on your prospects phone (optional)
  5. Click the Upload File(s) button when all photos have been selected.
  6. Once uploaded, you may set the order your photos will be displayed using the drop down boxes under the Order column.

Deleting Photos From a Regular Extension

  1. Click on the “Powerline” tab
  2. Choose “Pictures” under “Controls”
  3. Select the photo you would like to delete using the checkboxes under the Delete column.
  4. Click the Delete button

Best Practices Guide

Text Message Copy

Your text messages (for both the Business Card and the Extension) are limited to 160 characters each. This allows you to deliver your contact information and key information on the property directly to their phone. See below for samples on what to do and what not to do with your text messages. Space is at a premium so only key information should be provided. However this represents an opportunity to refer the prospect on to

Sample Business Card Copy

  • Sample A – I have been helping home buyer’s and sellers in this area for over 10 years.Please call me regarding any of your current real estate needs at 512-555-5555. Thank you, John Agent
  • Sample B – Thank you for your inquiry. If I can be of any additional service please contact me at 800-882-9155. Thank you, John Agent, ABC Realty,

We recommend not using the following Business Card format. This can be problematic on some cell phones. Certain mobile devices may remove the “carriage returns” and place the data together, making the message difficult for the user to read.

John Smith
ABC Realty
210 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78704

Sample Extension Message Copy

  • Sample A – 211 Barton Springs a 3 bedroom 2 bath home located in the heart of 78704. More information can be found at our website
  • Sample B – 2804 Hyde Street is a 3 bd/2 bth near downtown. Remodeled kitchen and walking distance to Zilker Park. Listed at $399,000.
  • Sample C – Beautiful 4yr old home, 2 story, 5 br/2.5ba, 3000 sq ft. Large back yard. Great schools. Payments as low as $1200. Call 512-555-1212
  • Sample D – The listing inventory has never been so strong. Foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, FSBO’s. Call 512-555-1212 or email for a free list of properties before they hit the market.

Sample Recording

Callers may also receive the SMS/Text info when they access your Powerline system. If they have called using their cell phone and the extension is activated with SMS/Text information, the caller will automatically hear a prompt to press 6 at the end of the message. However, we recommend you recording a personalized prompt at the end of the message in order to maximize opt-in rate of your callers.

You can receive our most current price by pressing zero at anytime.

Congratulations! You are calling on one of our most prestigious homes. This property, located at 1234 Main Street, has 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, new carpeting, new paint, a backyard large enough for a pool, and an outstanding floor plan that is very applicable for grand entertaining. A gourmet kitchen and recently updated bathrooms complete this picture of an executive’s dream.

You can press zero now to schedule a showing of this property, or if you are calling from your cell phone, press 6 to receive additional details including pictures of this home.


ArchAgent’s Mobile Marketing can be used to enhance any type of advertising currently being used. Below are some examples of where and how it can be used.

Sign Advertising

Mobile Marketing is a natural fit for home signs, allowing prospects driving by a property to text in to receive information and pictures immediately. Below are 2 sample sign riders available through ArchAgent, one showcasing the home using Mobile Marketing only and the other using the service in conjunction with a call capture hotline.

Print Advertisements

Mobile Marketing can be placed in print ads (newspaper, magazines, direct mail, flyers, etc.) allowing potential buyers to text in to receive additional information and pictures for a specific property.
“To have this listing sent to your phone TEXT 12345 to 35244”
“To request a phone call TEXT 12345 to 35244”
“For more information and pictures TEXT 12345 to 35244”

Online Advertisements

Online advertising is a great way to promote your listings; however one inherent drawback to online advertising is the anonymity of the lead. By using ArchAgent’s Mobile Marketing within your ad, you can capture additional information from the potential buyers searching your sites.
“To have this listing sent to your phone TEXT 12345 to 35244”
“To request a phone call TEXT 12345 to 35244”
“For more information and pictures TEXT 12345 to 35244”

For Direct Mail (after Property is sold)

“TEXT 12345 to 35244 to see what this home sold for”
“To see what this house sold for TEXT 12345 to 35244”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Today’s real estate market has you leveraging technology or surrendering to it.