ArchAgent since April 1997

Our History

ArchAgent is a division of Arch Telecom, Inc. Founded in 1992, Arch Telecom has a long history of creatively incorporating traditional telecom services with new technologies to provide innovative business solutions for our customers.

Beginning in 1993, before the Internet was a useful consumer tool, Arch developed the first telecom-based application specifically designed for real estate agents: the PowerLine Call Capture System.  Agents hung info signs for prospective buyers and sellers to call an 800 info line for 24 hour information on a property.  The power of the system was Arch notified the agent of a prosepct’s call in real time; albeit in those days by fax and digital pager.

Years later, as the Internet became a prominent tool PowerLine became the most innovative call capture system, developing one of the first web portals and adding SMS and mobile marketing with pictures, single property website and 3rd party CRM integrations.  WIth the help of many top producing agents describing their use case and feature requests, PowerLine became the most widely used call capture system with more than 100,000 agents using the service.

As agents desire more tools to reach prospects faster we developed one of the first dialing platforms, the PowerDialer, in 1997.  And yes, we seemed to like the word “power” in our services.  The PowerDialer eliminated the need for agents to manually dial, kept notes and call backs organized and synced with many 3rd party CRMs.  Arch has alwasy adhered to the Telemarketing Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and consults our clients on best practices that follow state and federal guidelines to protect the agent and the consumer.

Having the benefit of hindsight from 3rd party lead providers importing lists into our PowerDialer,  we were privlidged to understand the importnace of accuracy over quantity in lead lists. Our clients expressed a need for more accurate seller side lead generation services and we developed Expired and FSBO leads.  Soon to follow was FRBO, Preforeclosure and Neighborhoods.  Unlike many of our competitors in this space, we have alwasy delivered quality over quantity with a belief that a more positive user experience was created when the agent got to the correct person the first time versus more numbers to dial.


Our Mission

At ArchAgent, we treat our customers as partners. Should you have an issue or concern, you can count on reaching a member of our knowledgeable customer support team. Our team is committed to helping our customers get the most out of their ArchAgent services and to resolving problems with reasonableness and care.

We deliver effective and innovative products and services. There are other products we could sell you, but we won’t sell anything we don’t believe in. ArchAgent is committed to continually evolving, to incorporating the best of the new technologies to deliver the most effective and innovative services on the market.

We provide affordable and frictionless applications. ArchAgent products are designed to be cost-effective. We wholeheartedly believe that even the most advanced technologies can be delivered in ways that are accessible to customers who don’t happen to be computer wizards.

We provide reliable service. ArchAgent invests in systems, staff and training as part of our commitment to ensure the highest level of service uptime in the industry.

We offer knowledge and insight.  With over twenty five years of expertise in real estate lead generation, we know a thing or two about how to find agents listings.

Today’s real estate market has you leveraging technology or surrendering to it.