Powerline Call Capture



Help your properties sell themselves.

No marketing tool helps you generate another listing like a yard sign. Top producer agents will tell you, “Listings lead to listings.” Turn front yards into one of your most valuable sales tools with the economic and easy-to-use Powerline Call Capture.

75% of homebuyers drive by a property prior to considering a purchase, and Powerline Call Capture capitalizes on this with sign riders that deliver property information via recorded message, text, and mobile pictures.

Buyers instantly receive property information while the system captures their phone number, reverse matches to name, address, and DNC status, and sends you an immediate notification ensuring you strike while the lead is hot.

The Keller Center at the Baylor Business School did a study titled, “Lead Generation: What Really Works?”, and found that, after a referral, Call Capture is the most productive source for real estate lead generation.

Convenient and Simple Setup

Powerline is an easy-to-use call capture system that can be set up on an ordinary telephone or on the web portal. You have unlimited extensions, transfers, and notifications.


Instant Marketing Response

Immediately send text messages with property details, property pictures, and an electronic business card to prospective buyers that texts or calls your toll-free number from your sign rider.


Immediate Lead Notifications

Receive immediate prospect alerts, including the prospect’s phone number, properties they’ve inquired about, and an option for live transfer, while interest is high. You can have unlimited agents carbon copied on the lead.


Customizable Property and Business Card Messages

Create customized automated text messages and recorded responses that deliver property information as well as a mobile business card that includes your contact information.


Track Effectiveness

Powerline automatically tracks the marketing medium that originated each lead so you can determine ad and messaging effectiveness.


Business Building Kit

Maximize the effectiveness of your marketing messages using our setup guide. Get things running quickly and use our best practices. Simple-to-follow marketing templates, listing presentations, price reduction, direct response marketing templates, and FSBO and Expired modules help you maximize your Powerline’s efficacy.

What do I need to manage my call capture system?

All you need is an ordinary telephone and an active internet connection. Recordings can be done using a telephone, uploading a .WAV file, or we can do the recordings for you.

How does Powerline capture the caller’s phone number?

Automatic Number Identifier (ANI) technology is used to capture the caller’s phone number. ANI capture is a real-time billing record that cannot be blocked and is always captured.

How many extensions and transfers do I get?

You have unlimited extensions and transfers. There is no additional charge for extensions, transfers, or per minute usage.

Will you do the recordings for me?

Yes. We will script, record, and publish pictures for a one-time fee of $10. Turnaround time is one business day.


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