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Lead Management
Starting from $34.95

Turn Leads into Customers

Leads and customers are valuable assets. Once you qualify leads and convert them into prospects, it’s time to implement a marketing program to maintain their interest and connection to you, the highly experienced, successful agent.

ArchAgent has teamed with Top Producer to offer powerful lead management and marketing tools: Top Producer 8i, Market Snapshot and Market Builder.

Top Producer 8i

Now that your ArchAgent tools are generating a strong flow of leads, how do you manage them? Top Producer 8i makes it easy to turn these contacts into future sales. Choose from hundreds of customizable Action Plans packed with letters, emails and flyers. Using Top Producer 8i, you can automate follow-up communication for every potential customer — friends, family, leads, current clients and past clients. Top Producer 8i reminds you who to contact and when to call, mail or email. Stay in touch for weeks, months, even years, and you’ll turn everyone you know into a client.

Top Producer 8i benefits:

  • Turn contacts into sales
  • Get more sales with better marketing
  • Put Your Follow-up on Autopilot!

Market Snapshot

Market Snapshot uses state-of-the-art marketing technology to captivate potential buyers and sellers — and to position you as their resource for real estate information. Prospects receive fully customized, interactive MLS property reports, packed with LIVE local market information. Reports also include market valuation metrics for the prospect’s own home, as well as information on listings in their immediate area.

By adding a Market Snapshot lead capture form on your own Website or your ArchAgent Single Property Websites, visitors can subscribe to your free reports. You can also add a one-click link in your email signature inviting people to click and subscribe. Market Snapshot automatically sends up-to-the-minute reports to every subscriber and you receive their contact information for follow-up. (Requires Top Producer 8i Lead Management System.)

Market Snapshot benefits:

  • Get Potential Buyers & Sellers Contacting You!
  • Get More Leads from Your Marketing!
  • Manage Seller Expectations
  • Motivate Buyers

Market Builder

Send postcards proven to generate leads. Market Builder lets you conduct your own direct mail program with very little effort on your part. Choose an area to farm, and Market Builder preschedules and automatically mails each household a series of full color, jumbo postcards inviting them to sign up for customized, Market Snapshot MLS property reports. A mailing list is built in so you don’t need to compile one yourself. When leads sign up, the system automatically generates and emails them a customized report, and you receive their contact information for further follow up. (Requires Top Producer Market Snapshot and 8i Lead Management System.)

Market Builder benefits:

  • Automate Your Lead Generation
  • Get Leads from Your Postcards
  • Affordable Rates (Design, Print and Mail included)


  • Real Estate Market report relevant to each specific lead
  • Fully customized, interactive MLS property reports, packed with LIVE market information
  • Community and school data, plus charts and graphs


Get potential buyers and sellers contacting you by attracting their interest.

Give sellers a reality check. By keeping them updated on market conditions and pricing trends, Market Snapshot helps sellers understand how much their property is really worth. This helps you convince them to list at a reasonable price so they can sell their home more quickly.

Motivate buyers. Encourage them to make a decision by keeping them up-to-date on local real estate trends and prices.

Convert more leads into clients. Most agents lose business because they don’t follow up. By sending every contact and lead regular Market Snapshot updates, you’ll stay top-of-mind until they’re ready to move.

Top Producer 8i

$34.95 / per month

Market Snapshot

$134.90 / per month (includes Top Producer 8i)

Market Builder

$219.90 / per month (includes Market Builder, Market Snapshot and Top Producer 8i)